Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cameron, NO!

Why did you have to open that cute, muppet like mouth of yours only to let out the unfortunate truth as to the contents of your brain? Your friend Drew Barrymore unfortunately did the same thing. Last week on the Orca show, you both fell prey to your own posse of "yes people" and believed somehow that what you think, matters. How could you?! Don't you have someone close to you that cares enough to be honest with you and advise you to be quiet? You exposed yourself to a national audience and ruined everything! Now, every time I try to watch The Mask, instead of seeing this enchanting person with the great smile, I'm going to hear, "If you think rape should be legal, then don't vote". Oops. Did someone have a mental blow out? And poor Drew. I knew there were problems when she married Tom Green and then their house burned down during their honeymoon, but obviously the problems go much deeper than that. In fact, maybe those problems were brought on by the deeper one. It must be tough not having a clue what the real world is like. Actually, I pity you both. All frame and no painting. You really should be mad at Orca. She's the one who exploited you for her own profit. She's good at that. If she really cared, she would have stopped you and cut to a commercial so as to prevent the embarrassing disrobing of your mental faculties. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Too bad you couldn't have just stuck to the scripts handed to you. You're much more talented that way.

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