Friday, October 08, 2004

Look up and say AAhhLaahh!!!

My dream is for Osama and his buddies to look up into the sky and this be the last thing they see before they go to meet Allah. Do you think they know that Mohamed was a child rapist? Nice guy, quite a prophet.
The time is coming when total destruction will be the only way to fight the cult of death. If that's what they worship, then that's what we'll provide. Armageddon seems to be right around the corner. Not that that's what any of us Christians wish for, but having a Biblical perspective on the situation does give us a deeper understanding as to what we're up against. No matter what you hear from the spin machine, Islam is Satan's Army. It is the great deception of Human history and it will end up in a colossal clash of civilizations, probably ending much of humanity, as we know it. I know it sounds bleak, but it is. These sub humans want to end western culture. Period. The lefties don't get it. They keep thinking that if we get out of their sand box, or sing Kumbaya that everybody will be happy. Big mistake. The Bush doctrine is the only thing that can delay the inevitable. Crush them over there. Crush them all.

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Anonymous said...

You are a very scary person.