Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Liberal Propaganda

How can the good guys win if there are so many misinformed and hateful people in our own country who want nothing else but to restructure America into a Screwed up European socialist state? I fully expect W to win next Tuesday, and probably after that in the inevitable litigation that liberals are so adept at, and have promised to force on us. However, unfortunately, winning, while essential, is only a temporary stopgap to the inevitable destruction of our own country at the hands of unscrupulous liberals. I have many friends and relatives who are firmly on the left, and they're great people, but I truly don't think they have the ability to understand the realities of a world with black and white values and morals. They are blinded by a false sense of moral relativism and an immature need to enforce fairness throughout the world. It bothers them that the US is stronger and is superior in every way to other countries in the world. I think their heart is essentially in the right place, but they just don't understand the world clearly enough to influence and create their vision without severely risking everything previous generations of brave men and women have established.

I just finished a business trip to NYC and Washington DC and found mostly unhappy liberals sipping the Democrat Koolaid and believing the propaganda from the left. They are trying to spin the Iraq war and the war on terrorism into a disaster. This is unprecedented in our history and is repulsive. In DC I saw a group of Activists laying out cardboard caskets and draping them with flags. When asked, one of the volunteers, a gray haired, aging hippy said they were just "memorializing" the fallen soldiers in Iraq. Yeah, right. Then later I was with a large group of veterans, many of them wounded severely in Iraq, and the universal theme was "how can I get back and continue to help. Many of these guys had lost limbs, but it didn't stop them from wanting to continue the mission. The contrast between the caliber of these Americans is overwhelming. There is no comparison. The liberals in this country are, without a doubt, un-American. Yes, there I said it. they are not looking at what's best for this country, just what's best for their own power grab and eventual imposition of their sense of warped values. They can claim that they are patriotic, but then when they say that to improve the country it must change into a socialist utopia, doesn't mean that they're patriotic.

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