Friday, October 15, 2004

"Demon"crat John "Scary" sinks lower

John Satan
To all of us commonsense laden, real people out here in “flyover country”, Wednesday nights debate between “Demon”crat, John “Scary” and President Bush should prove once and for all that the Dems have no business getting near the White House for many years to come. The level of filth and sleaze has exceeded even my expectations and imagination. Hopefully mainstream America can see clearly that this guy has no business being in the senate, much less the presidency. By far, the most telling moment of truth was Kerry calling out Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation when asked about the gay marriage issue. You could tell Kerry was pausing in his response, for impact and to feign compassion and sincerity, but anyone could see this was anticipated and coached by the Clintonista advisors. It was so low, I thought President Bush was going to come away from his podium and show him what a real man of the people from Texas does when a snob from the Northeast gets personal and messes with the family. In many ways, I wish he had. I couldn’t believe Edwards had the stones to do the same thing during the Veep debate right to Cheney’s face. I think it was a measure of unbelievable class and restraint on the part of Dick Cheney to not reach over and smack the Breck girl around after that condescending and insincere remark about Cheney’s daughter. Then to have Kerry bring it up again Wednesday night really showed what this ticket is really like. It is, in my opinion, the lowest reaching, most morally bankrupt ticket ever in the history of our country.

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Anonymous said...

You are so good at playing on words! "Demon"crat John "Scary" is so right! And with your valuable views of creationism and anti-left wing disposition is like a bright light in the dark! I applaud you. :)


I know that this your blog and you have a right to say anything you like, but try to keep an open mind.
Heres a site i think you would like Bible Thumper:
its full of fun comics that you and your entire family would enjoy!

just try not to take this cristianity stuff too seriously

real man from texas...sure.