Sunday, October 03, 2004

Debate Suggestion for President Bush

The first Presidential debate was a tough one to watch. President Bush was good on content, but was a bit weak in delivery. Kerry of course was slick, polished and weasley. My impression was that the President was over coached and fatigued. I wish his "people" would let him go. I'm sure he's trying to stick to his message, be consistent, and upbeat; not wanting to get down into the mud with the democrats, but after the first debate, now it's time for the gloves to come off. I think one of the first things Bush should say at the outset of the next debate is that it is very difficult to debate Kerry because on every issue, it's like debating at least 2 people. This could serve as a bit of humor while still getting his message across that Kerry isn't consistent. Next, when Kerry starts blathering about building a stronger coalition, the President needs to bark back strongly as to what that means. Force Kerry to come up with names and numbers. Because what he's referring to is stupid France, Germany, and Russia. These countries have all said that no matter what, they will not get involved. Not coincidentally, these favorite countries of Kerry are all morally bankrupt and have been major world problems over the last 100 years. They didn't want to get involved in ousting Saddam because each was in bed with him with under the table oil deals and technology and military weapons sales; all within sight of the UN and blatantly defying UN resolutions. (Yeah John, if you're in office these pukes are going to suddenly have a moral revival and join in.) President Bush needs to hammer Kerry on that reality and not stand there and take it on the chin, allowing this pathological liar to deceive the weak minded to elect him and destroy the country.
In the upcoming debates on domestic issues, President Bush needs to stand firm on the economic progress made over the last 4 years. Hammer the facts that the country was in recession, 9-11 happened, the tech bubble burst, and corporate scandals, made more possible by the Clinton administration, destroyed much of the credibility of the stock market. Go on the attack, don't be defensive. State that the deficit is high because of the war and congress' special interest spending and pork. Don't let him get away with the crap about tax cuts for the "rich". Hit him back with the fact that his tax returns are not being made public to cover his hypocrisy, and that he can always pay more into the government if he wants to. State firmly that the "rich" pay the vast majority of the taxes and that you don't have to be a Harvard Economics Professor to know that "rich" people don't put their money in a mason jar buried in the back yard! They invest it, spend it, and use it to stimulate the economy, which creates jobs! When Kerry mentions Enron, Bush needs to say Global Crossing, etc. The Democrats received as much or more corporate money from corrupt corporations as did Republicans. Plus, the crime isn't in receiving monetary donations, it's in special favors granted after the fact, none of which happened. Also, when Kerry goes on the attack on the deficit as being the largest in history fight back with the fact that it isn't in relation to GDP.
I'm not sure if I can watch the VP debate this week. Edwards literally makes me nauseous to watch. I hope Dick Cheney and President Bush go after him and point out that it's to a large part because of scummy trial lawyers like him, that health care is in the crisis it is today. And that the last thing we need is for Edwards' trial lawyer buddies to have more power to restrict and inhibit tort reform.
Overall, all of us common sense laden individuals out here in "Flyover Land" want our President and Vice President to come out swinging through these debates, and for the next 30 days up through the election. We need to bury these socialists and take them out of potential power for decades to come so that our beloved country can survive. So handlers, hands off. Go get 'em George!

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