Sunday, October 31, 2004

One more for the Good guys!

Bush Rally-3
I spent my Saturday with my wife and daughter attending the Bush rally in Minneapolis. It was healthy reinforcement of the concept that this is the man who needs to be in office right now and not the pathological liar from Mass. I mean really, can anybody truly deny that Kerry is the most ill equipped guy to be president in our history? False records and irresponsible action in Viet Nam, Anti-war action and false testimony to congress after Vietnam, secret meetings with VC leaders in France while still a Naval Officer, 20 plus years in the Senate with virtually no accomplishments and a voting record that labels him as the most liberal member, 20 years of voting against military and intelligence funding, and voting for higher taxes, and now flip flopping on the war on terror. This guy cannot be any more wrong for the office in any time, but especially now!

That Kerry is so obviously the wrong man for the office of president is a no brainer, but the sad thing is that, while I fully expect Bush to win the election, it will be a miracle when he does. The overwhelming obstacles and media opposition that President Bush has had to face for his entire 4 years in office has been nothing short of staggering. Everything from Marxist teachers and professors in our school systems to Mainstream media bias and the Hollywood elites have had a field day ripping this president since 2000. Their boy Clinton the "unit", made them feel good because he was morally screwed up like they were, and his successor Al "the walking log" Gore proved to be nuts and fortunately lost. Ever since this liberal crisis, they have been at a feverish pace to undo what they perceived to be wrong and get another socialist back in office. I am praying that they don't succeed. It will be a miracle brought about by the good, hardworking, commonsense thinking, family loving, God believing, little people from the parts of the country that the elites want to sell their crap to but don't want to hear from. We will have shouted from the plains and common places that we are the ones who run the country, not a bunch of whining pseudo intellectuals from Hollywood or Madison Avenue. We will make one last stand and will say to the Michael Moores of the world to shut up, we know what is true without having it shoved down our throats by evil jerks like you! Go W! Win one more for the good guys.

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