Saturday, October 02, 2004

"Undecided" voters are idiots

It's so fascinating to me how 2 people can look at the same thing and come up with completely different ideas about what they’ve looked at. Case in point, the first Presidential debate. One person watches the whole thing and thinks Kerry was great and won easily, the other person says the exact opposite, that President Bush was awesome. Obviously, these people have predisposed ideas about whom they like. They have horses in the race. That's fine. I expect that. The people that really drive me nuts are the supposed "undecided" voters. Every major media news group is always courting these folks as if they are some elusive prize untainted by punditry that will decide the outcome of the election. I suppose in some respects they will decide the election, but the reality is that these people shouldn't decide anything because they're obviously morons. They can't be paying any attention or they wouldn't be "undecided". If they aren't listening, then they're probably getting their information from Leno, Letterman or SNL. Wow, what intellect. I believe that there are very few "undecideds". I think that these are pathetic, insecure weaklings who, when asked about choosing, see an opportunity for a little attention and suddenly claim "undecided". Sorry fruitcakes, if you don't have an opinion about this race at this point in the game, then you’re not worthy of having input. I'm almost to the point of asking that we subject every voter to a brief competency test to see if they should vote. Too many quality people have died far from home to ensure that we have this right, to let a bunch of apathetic idiots show up at the last minute and decide an election based on physical appearance, articulacy, a funny skit or a top ten list. So if you are undecided, shut up and go home and then better yourself for next time.

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