Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Liberals Cheat

If the election were held tomorrow, it would probably end the same as it would November 2nd. The only thing that would probably change is the number of illegal voters and total amount of voter fraud. The more time these idiots have to fake registrations for cash, the more stuff they'll make up. I know it's a generalization, and I'm sure there's cheaters on both sides, but the vast majority of fraud happens on behalf of Democrats, always has, always will. The basic problem is you have a group of people who have no moral compass or internal sense of ethics. Liberals are ruled by a fantasized sense of superiority and believe that those who don't believe as they do are flawed and dangerous. Therefore, defeating conservatives at any cost and by any means is justified. It also makes cheating easier when you have a predominantly atheistic view of life and moral relevance is your underlying credo. If you need proof, just watch cspan whenever there's a march somewhere to save the trees or kill the babies. (Odd juxtaposition isn't it?) These poor kids, and adults, chronologically only, seem to have trouble finding a shower, much less the truth. Fueled by their hatred for President Bush and money from criminals like George Soros, there are brainwashed stooges on college campuses, nursing homes, homeless shelters and in their basements with a phone book, making up voters and filing illegal absentee ballets.
I saw a bit of MTV this week, forced myself to watch, and saw the idiot, P-Ditty and his "Posse" of uneducated drones following him around saying "vote or die". Wow, 'dem niggaz got brains, knowuhmsayin, 'sup, yawl. I really hope that most kids look at these pimps and realize that there isn't a thimble of intelligence between all of them combined. Oh sure, it's a talent to rhyme some words together and jump around on stage with baggy sweats on without falling down, but come on, vote or die? Shawn, really! Lets let the kids decide for themselves who is going to provide a safer world for them to grow out of there infatuation with Hip Hop and if they're not interested in voting, then they need to stay home. So, SHUT UP, "Yawl be chillin' in da crib wit da homies, knowuhmsayin? Oh, by the way, I am NOT a racist. I don't care what color the moron is who says stupid stuff like Combs is. I just realize that all entertainers, actors, musicians, pro athletes, etc, are nothing more than over paid chimps on a leash, whose sole purpose is to make us laugh or to provide a few minutes of escape from reality. They are not better, smarter or more deserving of praise than anyone else, anywhere in the world.

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