Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Professor vs. Mary Ann

Professor and Mary Ann
It's a perfect reference to the intellectual slaughter that just took place in the VEEP debate. It's also an analogy I stole from another blogger I heard mentioned on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, so can't quite take credit. But it works. Cheney mopped the floor with the "Breck Girl", Edwards. It almost wasn't fair. Cheney's knowledge, experience and demeanor were in another league from Edwards. I think anyone, even the poisoned Kool-Aid drinking lefty cultists would have to agree that there was only one adult on that stage ready to take over as president. And it certainly wasn't the ambulance chaser with the pretty hair. The comments on Kerry's senate record and then Edward's Senate attendance record were precious! Mary Ann could do nothing but tilt her head to one side, smirk and skip back to her grass hut to pout. I kept waiting for Cheney to suddenly change his pen into a GPS device and locate Osama on the spot, ala the professor. Mary Ann could have made another cream pie I guess, but it would have been like everything else she and her elitist partner ever came up with, all show and no substance. To carry the Gilligan's Island thing a bit further, if you listen to Kerry speak in his Senate testimony in 1971, he sounds exactly like Thurston Howell III. Elitist, Arrogant, lazy, rich snob. Except in this case, you need to add Liar to the description. Anyway, way to go Dick, Now pass the torch back to the Prez and let's kick some Socialist/democrat Butt!

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